La Ruta del Califato – the Caliphate’s Route

Califate's Route

Ruta del Califato

In order to understand the significance of the “Ruta del Califato”, which translates as the Caliphate’s Route, the visitor to Andalucia needs to understand how deeply affected this misunderstood country was during the 800 years or so of Islamic presence that existed in Spain between 709 and 1614.

The influence of the Islamic presence is visible everywhere – from the enormous and awe inspiring Cordoba Mezquita and Granada Alhambra to the Castle of Izhn Ahjar in our own Iznajar town and every church and castle either side.

Culturally, the two faiths have been interwoven for so long that it is hard to imagine either Spain without the beauty of the Moorish culture or the Moorish culture existing away from the plaintive heart stirring songs of the flamenco singers.

The Ruta del Califato represents a circular journey between two massive Andalucian cities, Cordoba and Granada, and runs through and around the exquisite mountains of the Sierra Subbetica, now the last known refuge of the Iberian Lynx.

Cordoba's Mezquita
Cordoba’s Mezquita on the Guadalquivir

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The Gardens of the Mezquita

It is a little known fact that Cordoba was the capital city of Europe in the 1300’s.  Its shores on the Guadalquivir, it was a hub of activity and a centre of trade and craftsmanship.  The presence of the illustrious Mezquita, or mosque, with its barber shop style candy cane arches and pillars stretching away through the halls like a forest are a testament to the riches and skills of the Moslem people who built them.

Granada’s involvement came later as the Islamic presence drew to an end at the Alhambra Palace – another must visit site.  A beautiful, sprawling palace that was the final and most impressive stronghold of the Nasrid Dynasty, and the very last of the Islamic kingdoms that lived on Spain’s shores.

All the villages and towns of the Ruta del Califato are easily visited from Casa La Celada.  For information or help in planning your Luxury Andalucian Self Catering Holiday, Click Here!