I want to go to real Andalucia – not Torremolinos. Where do I start?

Holidaying in Andalucia for many people is synonymous with getting horrendously sunburned during the day, walking around half naked oblivious to the preferences of the locals, and then getting drunk and falling out of non Spanish owned bars on the coast late at night.  Singing loud songs, being sick en route to a seedy hotel, and doing it all again the next day.

If that’s your perfect holiday, this blog is definitely NOT for you!

However if you are one of those people who want to step away from the stereotype of English holidaymakers, and are looking to travel to areas where real Spain is experienced, where the Flamenco dancers have heard of Joaquín Cortés or Sara Baras, where the food is not “photofood” off a menu written with Google Translate, then this blog IS for you!

How do we go about creating these holidays when the mass market of information directs us to the coast, and to the tourism cattle market?  The answer is by risking the “Road Less Travelled” as M Scott Peck’s book suggests.

There are literally thousands of holiday homes, pensions, casa rurales, as well as Parador hotels from which you can choose.   Some will allow you to book a night or two, and then you can take a risk and see where your adventure leads you.  Some, like Casa La Celada, are so centrally positioned that you can treat each road that leaves the house like a spoke on a wheel – travel to the edge of the wheel and then return later on, allowing you to unpack and settle in one place.

If you know that Flamenco is an absolute must, then you “absolutely must” find out about the Guitar Festival in Cordoba which happens every July.

Another favourite is a drive to Cordoba for the day and a trip to Tablao Cardenal where you can enjoy a traditional Flamenco show.  The dancers won’t be wearing polyurethene dresses held together with velcro or safety pins and many of them will have trained in the Sevillana Flamenco Schools.  But if you don’t fancy the drive to Seville, then bookings can be made for the Tablao Cardenal festival which runs most nights of the week here http://www.flamencotickets.com/tablao-el-cardenal-cordoba.