Fiesta de San Marcos in April

Asking locals about dates of local fiestas is like extracting bulls’ teeth without anaesthetic.  All they can tell you is that you will find out, and to remain “tranquila” – or in a man’s case, “tranquilo” and remember you are in Spain, where everything happens gently and slowly.


But I am a persistent type, and discovered that the weekend nearest the 25th April, is ALWAYS a fiesta – and it’s called the Fiesta de San Marcos.

What’s totally hilarious is that I’ve asked every Spanish friend I know what on earth it’s about, and absolutely no-one knows!

What they do know though is that there is a traditional procession of the beautiful and extremely heavy efigy of the Christ, together with having a basket filled with tooth rotting goodies – from sugar saturated popcorn to “chuches” (sweeties) and chocolate for the children and adults like.  And the Spanish LOVE their sweets.

They go armed to the hilt, lock, stock and two smoking barrells to the beach either here at Valdearenas or round by the camp site further down the lake and revel all day and all night over the entire weekend.  They arrive with entire kitchens of equipment – full tables, chairs, cloths, enormous camp cooking facilities, entertainments, ghetto blasters and tents.

The shops are heaving with barbeque goods, the smells are mouth wateringly delicious.  It’s a wild and mad expense with street markets selling everything you can think of and music eventually crescendo-ing to a volume so loud it will pound your inner ear to a mass of pulverised glue.  Great for the early night folk as you can’t hear it from Casa La Celada, and great for the revellers as that side of it begins around 2am and goes on til 6-8am the following day.



And then May Day, the following weekend, is Fuente Del Conde’s Annual Fiesta de Santa Cruz de Magán … and I’m told this particular fiesta is one of the best around. So we shall indulge in some of that, but I think will step gracefully away from the madnesses of this weekend !!


For further information about staying at Casa La Celada for the Fiesta de San Marcos, contact Amanda via our contact page or emailing me