Writing Holidays


Writing Holidays

The peace of hillsides peppered with silvery olive groves threading through the mountains of the Sierra Subbetica Andalucia makes for an inspirational backdrop for writers.

Whether finishing novels, writing short stories, penning poems or just seeking a little inspiration among the olive groves, Casa La Celada is a heavenly base to help.

Creative writing, writing poetry, academic writing … whatever it is you need to do, we have the most perfect space within which to do it.

By an open fire in the Winter, or on the Roof Terrace with a cool beer in the Summer – the peace of this unspoilt region of Córdoba will inspire you.


  1. Thomas Lysaght says:

    Dear Friend,

    I am a playwright who is currently in the midst of writing an historical novel.
    I would love to come to Casa La Celada to work on the novel for some weeks this summer.
    Would that be possible?

    Thank you,
    Tom Lysaght

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