Los Patios de Cordoba

Los Patios de Córdoba

It’s that time of year again, when the ancient city of Córdoba, once the capital of Europe, comes to life with an explosion of colour, a riot of horses and flamenco sounds permeating the winding streets of this extraordinary Moorish city.

Córdoba captured my heart the first time I went …. Walking over the amazing Roman Bridge that spans one of Spain’s most famous rivers, the Guadalquivir. It’s extraordinary ….
Where is it?
Well, on a map of Spain, it’s here :

How do you get there?
By train from Málaga or Madrid via Renfe, by bus from most cities also, or by car / taxi / chauffeur …..
And why on God’s Green Earth would you want to go there?
Check this out … it’s just Stunning ….

And every May, Córdoba blossoms …..

More than 200 gardens to see, plus the ancient Mezquita, the Botanical Gardens, the Alcazaba and the Turkish Baths …… It’s simply breathtaking …

When will you come?

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