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Four kilometres from our Andalucia B&B is the enormous and beautiful Lake Iznájar with a 999,000 hectolitre volume of water and a depth of 110 metres when full. This lake is quite literally leaping with modest sized Carp, Barbel and Perch, making it a perfect location for the beginner or “volume” coarse fisherman. Fishing here is permitted all year round although the fish are obviously larger during the Winter months than the Summer ones.


For the size enthusiasts, we have some seriously exciting options. Within a three hour chauffeured drive from our Iznájar B&B to the North of Córdoba in Extremadura, and to the East of Córdoba in Jaén, our local fishing experts have found four separate lakes where carp in excess of 40 kilogrammes are regularly caught. As these lakes are in the National Parks, fishing is restricted to Saturday morning until Sunday evening either returning to Casa La Celada for Saturday night or camping with a night fishing option.

Our local experts will accompany the entire coarse fishing trip ensuring that all rules and regulations are met, supporting where required in catching “The Big One”.


Fishing locally in Iznájar requires a licence which costs 60€ per year covering the whole of Andalucía for a period of twelve months. We can arrange this licence for our guests when provided with the fee, names and passport numbers of all fishermen and four weeks’ notice. For the Extremadura sites, our local experts’ have licences that cover up to four extra fishermen per day. The cost to our guests therefore, to include transport to and from the Lakes, any necessary translations and all paperwork is 55€ per person per day, ie 110€ for the full weekend, excluding accommodation.

We have a lockable garage for storage of all fishing items.


  1. barry toomer says:

    hi, just been reading your site and wondered if you could either help or shed some light on how to obtain a fishing license for andalucia, we will be moving to alcala la real fairly shortly and i would like to start my fishing asap, any info would be very welcome, regards barry

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Barry. Thanks for your comment. When I was researching this my local fishing friends told me that you go to the Guardia Civil in your local area. They told me that the licence was then in the region of 70€ per year and covered you for all lakes in Andalucia. That information may be slightly out of date, but it would be called a Permiso de Pescar (permission to fish). Without it, you can be heavily fined. You would need to take your passport and drivers licence and preferably your Certificado de Empadronamiento (something you will have to have in order to live anywhere in Spain) that proves that you are a citizen of your village. They may also ask for your NIE – Numero de Identificacion Extranjero which is a must have eventually and is available after some effort and lots of papers from the Polizia office in your region’s capital – in your case Jaén. By the way, my fishing friends regularly fish in the Extremadura lakes overnight and pull 40+kg carp out of the water!! Hope that helps and happy fishing!

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