It is well known that Spain has a Festival or “Feria” somewhere every single day of the year!   Andalucia is no stranger to public holidays and the party atmosphere can whisk you away in a whirlwind of daytime or nocturnal excitement, even if you don’t speak the language.

This page is an indicator only.  Dates cannot be guaranteed so it is always worth doing your own research to help you choose the best time to come.  For instance some Feria dates change to accommodate the nearest weekend.


January 1st – Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day) – National Holiday

January 2nd – Granada – Reconquest Festival celebrating the Christian conquest of the Moors in 1492

12th Night – “Los Reyes” – or Three Kings – our own village has processions where 3 Kings dress up and give sweets and presents to the children – it’s just lovely for small people – National Holiday

January 17th – San Anton – patron saint of domestic animals. Bonfires are lit and demon figures are used. Also celebrated in much of the mainland with bonfires and mounted processions. In Ciudad Real bread rolls are blessed and cockerels auctioned off!


February 1st & 2nd – Antequera – Dia de Candelaria

February 28th – Dia de Andalucia – Andalucia Day – Holiday in Andalucia

February – is CARNIVAL month – every town and village goes berserk with floats, decorations, parties, games and fabulous fun for everyone

February – Zuheros – Matanza Popular and other festivals (40 mins away)


March 12th – Gibraltar – Commonwealth Day

March 19th – La Celada’s Own Fiesta De San José – brilliant fun, games for children and adults of all ages, discos til dawn for young and old, and as much paella as you can eat!


EASTER – Semana Santa is a HUGE celebration in Spain, and both Iznájar and Rute, our local towns, provide extraordinary processions that are beautiful and deeply moving – a MUST – National Holiday

April 25th – or closest weekend – Fiesta de San Marcos – Traditional outdoors Camping and Barbequing Fiesta around Lake Iznájar

April 26th-29th – Andujar (Jaen) – Romeria – the oldest festival in Spain and of National interest

April – Luque – Feria del Olivar – Olive Festival (45 mins away)


May 15th – or closest weekend – Fiesta de San Isidro – gorgeous local fiesta where women dress in full Flamenco, floats gather at the beach, Andaluz horses gallop down on the beach … a lovely, gentle family day out

May 18th & 19th – Festival in La Atalaya – a small village 2km from Villanueva de Algaidas

May 30th – Festival Internacional Dance in Granada (1 hour away)

May – Córdoba’s main Fiesta Month – starting with the huge crosses made of flowers, morphing into the Festival of Flowers where balconies and patios are literally teeming with colour, finishing with huge parades at the end of the month celebrating the Feria de Nuestra Señora de La Salud

May – 1st weekend – Fuente del Conde Fiesta (20 mins away)

May – 2nd weekend – Rute La Morenita Fiesta (10 mins away)

May – 2nd Sunday – Antequera – Romeria Day (45 mins away)

May 9th-16th – Jerez de la Frontera – Horse Fair – greatest horses in the world on parade (1.5 hrs away)

May – 3rd weekend – Salinas Feria de San Isidro (20 mins away)

May – 3rd weekend – Atalaya Feria (30 mins away)


June 6th – Corpus Christi – big parades especially in Toledo, Malaga, Granada and Seville

June 21st – Cordoba – La Noche Blanca De Flamenco – celebrating the Summer Solstice with Flamenco (1 hr away)

June 24th – San Juan – San Juan – Celebrated with bonfires on the beach, lasting all night through the night of the 23rd. At midnight everyone rushes into the sea to symbloise the baptisms by John the Baptist. The theory is that you wash your feet in the sea to cleanse your sins. There is also the tradition of jumping the bonfire, to burn away your sins (or something like that) – National Holiday

June 29th – San Pedro y San Pablo – National Holiday


July 13th – Fuengirola – Annual feria at the Sohail Castle (1hr 10 mins away)

July 25th – Santiago – National Holiday

July – 1st week – Córdoba’s Festival de La Guitarra which takes place all over the city (1hr away)

July & August – Antequera – Flamenco Festivals (45 mins away)


August 1st – 4th – Annual Festival in Villanueva de Algaidas (30 mins away)

August 10th-12th – Colmenar – Annual Feria (35 mins away)

August 14th-26th – Carcabuey – Fiestas de La Aurora (40 mins away)

August 15th Asuncion (Assumption)- National Holiday

August 18-25th – Antequera – Fiesta de la Recoleccion – bullfights, shows, parties and cattle market (45 mins away)

August – middle of the month – Feria de Malaga – 10 day long fair – fireworks, horses and gallons of wine (45 mins away)

August – Las Noches de Embrujo – Magical Nights – a month of Flamenco celebration in our capital city of Córdoba (1 hr away)

August – Luque – Feria de San Bartolomé (45 mins away)

August – Rute – Annual Fayre (10 mins away)


September 8th – Antequera – Feria de la Patrona Ntra.Sra. de las Virtudes (45 mins away)

September 8th – Iznájar – Fiesta del Virgen de Piedad covers several days and is considered unmissable – (5 mins away)

September 15-17th – Velez Malaga – Annual Feria (1+ hour away)

September – Priego de Cordoba – Annual Fayre (30 mins away)

September – Zuheros – Cheese Festival (40 mins away)


October 7th-12th – Montoro – Feria de Montoro (40 mins away)

October 12th – Dia de la Hispanidad (Columbus Day) – National Holiday

October 15th – January 6th – Giant Chocolate Nativity Scene open to the public in Rute (10 mins away)

October – Priego de Cordoba – Feria de Membrillos (Quince Fayre) (30 mins away)


November 1st – Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) – National Holiday

November – Montilla – Feria Vitivinícola de Andalucia (40 mins away)


December 6th – Dia de la Constitucion (Constitution Day) – National Holiday

December 8th – Immaculada Concepcion (Immaculate Conception) – National Holiday

December 25th – Navidad (Christmas Day) – National Holiday