Andalucia in March

Spring is most definitely underway in March in Southern Spain.  Flowers are blooming from now through to June.  March is a beautiful month with moderate temperatures that won’t cause you problems sunburn wise unless you are careless.  Evenings can still be chilly, but when the sun is out, it’s delicious.

Fiesta de San José – March 19th

March 19th was my favourite Dad’s birthday, and also La Celada’s most important day of the year too – it’s the Fiesta de San José – or to Joseph, the Virgin Mary’s husband.

San José is the Patron Saint of La Celada, and as such His day must be celebrated in fantastic style and pomp.  Wonderful games are played in the street – perfect for children of all ages – and there is of course a village Paella as well as our beautiful church service and a procession around the village with the local band.

The Fiesta de San José is a privilege to witness either at ground level or from one of our balconies observing unnoticed.


March is the perfect time for spending time in Córdoba city – the temperatures here are usually 2-3 degrees hotter than in La Celada as we have a hill breeze.   Córdoba is sweltering in the summer months but Springtime is HEAVENLY!

I also would recommend Skiing, Quad Biking, Walking, Cycling and any other outdoor activity that is best enjoyed when you’re not too hot!

Please check our 101 Things to Do page for links to other activities that are best done outside of the blistering summer heat.

It would be sour of me NOT to give my previous home of Valencia a mention for March, as it is the festival of Las Fallas.

Las Fallas starts 12th March and runs til 19th – you can get the train from Córdoba easily via Madrid.

Las Fallas involves hundreds of gigantic (ie as tall as buildings) paper mache models being walked around the streets or in situ, and on the final day, being set alight.

If you are planning to tour to the north of Spain, this is a MUST see.


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